Cetrud staff reviewing some ofthe Information books at the library.

CETRUD staff reviewing some ofthe Information books at the library.

CETRUD believes that all organizations must manage Information, just äs all businesses must make a profit, and proper storage of Information is a part of the process which facilitates easy and efficient access to Information for future reference or use. Resource Centers are part of this storage System, but they are unique in that unlike mere storage facilities, they provide an appropriate and relevant Information service aimed at enabling the users to find subjects and Information of interest and meet their needs accordingly.

At CETRUD we treat Information as power. So we came up with an Information program, as part of the projects that we implement.
This program was designed to collect all kinds of Information and technology for local groups, farmers, youth, and school children. Information and other items we collect include books, tapes, newsletters, magazines, pictures, video tapes, and various equipment like world space radios, Computers, typewriters, photocopiers, cyclostyling machines, and others.

Cetrud staff receives and disseminates Information.

CETRUD staff receives and disseminates Information.


In the near future, we intend create a complete resource center with Computer and internet Service in Kasese town, and additionally to provide these Services to the wider population of the region.
And to expedite the availability and flow of information over the long term, CETRUD has recently initiated a project to dramatically Upgrade the Information and Communication Technology (IGT) infrastructure for Kasese town itself. The plan now nearing completion is to install at a central location a high speed high bandwidth satellite-based System, with capacity to share the bandwidth assets over a number of loca! users. This would be the foundation for a streamlined person-to-person IGT infrastructure for informing and organizing area foodstuff producers, and the communication backbone for area Service organizations to:

  1. Conduct relevant internet-based research
  2. Establish an internet presence with informative, regularly updated websites
  3. Achieve funding access to other national and international organizations
  4. Efficiently communicate with the individuals in their programs, äs well äs the regional organizations they are working with

CETRUD is at this time actively pursuing the funding necessary to capitalize this System.