The Child Sponsorship Program sends children to school and helps with tuition, clothing, food, medical, and other school expenses. As there are no free public secondary schools in Uganda, only those who have money for school expenses are able to attend secondary school.


CETRUD's Child Sponsorship program intends to create lasting solutions and changes for children, families, and the community in which they live in Uganda. The Child Sponsorship Program started in 2000 with 17 children sponsored by Friends of Cetrud who are based in Santa Cruz, California, USA and in Holland. Due to the number of children who need assistance, the program has been growing consistently. This great need is a result of the death of many parents and guardians due to AIDS and war in the country. CETRUD intends to send 100-300 or more children to secondary schools in 2006/2007/2008.

CETRUD has had a long-term partnership with the communities from which the children come, as we are addressing other critical needs, and are helping the communities to become self-sustaining.

 Cetrud gives hope to the youth through sponsorship.

CETRUD gives hope to the youth through sponsorship.


When you sponsor one child or more under our Child Sponsorship Program, you are personally linked with the particular child or children. Your names will be exchanged and the children will write to you, and treasure the thought that you care about her or him.

School tuition costs $200 per semester ($600 for full year).

The funds you send go directly to pay the school tuition fees, accommodation in boarding school, bedding, food, scholastic materials, and requisite uniforms and medical expenses.