Sustainable Agriculture
Establishment of demonstration gardens, trainer, training program, farmers training programs in all principles of sustainable agriculture, caretakers and youth training program, seed distribution, school gardens, nutritional project, promotional use of herbs and medicinal plants, animal husbandry (keeping of Cattle, Goats, Pigs, Apiary).

Environmental Management
Links between people and natural resources, agro forestry, tree seedlings, conflict resolution management programs, clean up programs, Keep Your House Clean program, promotion of integrated pest management.

Appropriate Technology
Collection of new and used tools program, drip irrigation technology, improved cooking stoves, blacksmithing, and water cleaning.

Health Improvement
Provide clean water to the community, provide family planning and reproductive health Services, fight malaria, construction of health centers.

Working with children affected by HIV/AIDS, community awareness program, caretakers program, and Youth Together Against Aids program.

Business Entrepreneurship
Small-scale business project, training in business management, funding for business start up, marketing of products, and links between producers and buyers.

Child Sponsorship Program
Sending children to school, helping with clothing, scholastic materials, medical needs and food.

Poverty Alleviation Program
Household improvement project, community involvement in development programs, introduction of high value crops, training in production, small scale processing.

Information Collection and Dissemination Program
This program was designed to collect and disseminate all types of information and technology for the farmers, youth, school children, information and other items include books, tapes, space radios, Computers, newsletters, magazines, pictures, typewriters, photocopiers, cyclostyling machines, and others.