CETRUD is committed to the Vision of Development, getting people out of poverty with the people's participation, helping children, saving the environment, and tackling other issues that affect people and nature. The people directly served by CETRUD are faced with formidable hardships and obstacles:

  • extreme poverty
  • pandemic levels of HIV/AIDS infection
  • lack of appropriate Job skills
  • shortages of educational funding


We need your hand to enable us achieve all our objectives. Please contact us for details on how you can make a financial contribution to CETRUD's highly effective and worthwhile programs. You can help us make a real difference in the lives of real people here in Uganda.


CETRUD is a certified Non-Government Organization (NGO), registered with the Ugandan government. Other than the modest income generated by its agritourism facility, all of its programs are funded by donations by Philanthropie organizations and individuals. The following organization and individuals have funded CETRUD:


  • Firelight Foundation
  • Kilili Self Help Project
  • Glen Canada
  • TSFR
  • Higher Edge Institute
  • Lottery Canada
  • Stern International
  • Individuals: Deborah, Rebecca, Gail, Peggy, Stein, Fred Keeley, Anandi, Shelly, Divide and Patti, Afke, Barbara, Michael, Barry, Eleanor, Lois
  • Local funding
  • CETRUD Gardens and KOFT Centre
  • Kasese District Local Government
  • Steven Matsiko
  • NOLA
  • New partners, SNV, ACID VOCA, NAADS Kasese, Uganda wildlife Authority.
  • The Way Forward