RWENZORI THE GARDENS HOTEL It’s located on Bukonjo road plot 25 in Kasese town and it’s in many forms such as Cottages, suites, main house for families and Campsites.
The prices range from $30 -$50.

Staying at RWENZORI THE GARDENS HOTEL while visiting western Uganda offers an invaluable opportunity to experience firsthand the distinct and important work which is being carried on by the organization they manage called CETRUD. The Hotel site both generates income for CETRUD’s various programs and performs a host of functions important to its effectiveness:

Determining the viability of non-indigenous plants, trees, vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers, fish farming, tortoise and birds living at the hotel. Creating seed and root Stocks of both local and non-indigenous plants for dissemination and distribution. Protecting and preserving the variegation of valuable indigenous seed lines and plant species. Setting new high Standards in environmental design for the greater Kasese community both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

All rooms are air conditioned and some rooms have Dstvs TVs. Rooms are available in the main house or the free-standing cottages provide complete privacy.

Do not miss visiting RWENZORI THE GARDENS HOTEL with fully furnished, self contained, well serviced and with well kept and maintained gardens where you find waters flowing in the gardens, what a wonderful nature at Rwenzori The Gardens Hotel.

At RWENZORI THE GARDENS HOTEL you have a choice of rooms: single. double, twin rooms and cottages.

Visiting Rwenzori Mountain NP, Queen-Elizabeth NP, Katonga wildlife Reserve, Lake Katwe salt mining, community tourism, Kilembe Mines Ltd , Hima cement industry and Kasese cobalt industry and Kasese villages and towns.

Godfrey Kasozi
or call him at +256 772 466461 (Office) or +256 702 466461 (Mobile) or +256 782130336 (mobile)